गुरुपूजिताय गुरुदेवताय गुरुकुलस्थायिने ।
गुरुविक्रमाय गुह्यप्रवराय गुरवे गुणगुरवे ।
गुरुदैत्यगलच्छेत्रे गुरुधर्मसदाराध्याय ।
गुरुपुत्रपरित्रात्रे गुरुपाखण्डखण्डकाय ।

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Gyanas was started with an aim for Better Learning, Better Results, One platform for all your learning needs. We believe in Knowledge & Wisdom over Education.


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Praneet Thakur

Praneet Thakur

Co-Founder Gyanas


Suneet Srivastava

Co-Founder Gyanas


Ritik Raj

Social Media Manager

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